Take this Lollipop!! I Dare You!!!

Lollipop by AdmlCrunch, on Flickr
Lollipop” (CC BY 2.0) by AdmlCrunch

Did you “Take the Lollipop????”

I have to admit I clicked on the link ready to do this activity however when it came up saying do I consent to Facebook using, distributing etc, etc all of my personal information I became a little intimidated and immediately closed down the page and read through what actually happens instead.

The whole experiment (if that is the best thing to call it) was scary!!  To think if I had of clicked on that site my personal information would be then provided to some weirdo who would then get in his car and make his way to my house to get me or even worse……my children!!!

While I have to admit I don’t usually click on things (especially when they state they will share my personal information) I guess my question is how do we really know we aren’t sharing this information on a regular basis??  As I mentioned in a previous post I am very bad at regularly changing my passwords to different sites and just because a site tells you they will share your information this doesn’t mean they all will!!!

So I could be scrolling through all the different articles etc on Facebook as I regularly do and click on something that seems safe and then BAM some weirdo has all of my personal information and is now on his way to my house to get me!!!

I have to admit this for me was a real eye opener!!!!  I am now definitely aware and conscious of the changes I need to make and precautions I need to adhere to in order to keep my family safe!!

Great learning activity!!!  However I still don’t know if I’m brave enough to “Take the Lollipop”.

Are you???


About shannonwhite79

Hi I'm Shannon. I am currently studying my Bachelor of Special Education with the aspiration of becoming a Teacher of the Deaf. I currently work as an Educational Interpreter for a young deaf girl in Grade 4. I am the proud mum of 2 beautiful children.... my 10 year old daughter and my baby boy who is nearly 2 years of age.
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